Lost Telegram Press represents the stories and pieces of information that, if not published, will run the risk of being lost to the world. Imagine the problems that could come from a telegram that had never been received; death notices, notes to loved ones, cryptic messages to resistance fighters. Lost Telegram Press seeks to hold the ideals of archiving as its foremost goal. As the techniques of the printed word and communication; telegrams, books, written letters, pen pals, postcards, printing presses, hand printed posters and so on have become methods of the past, there has been certain values associated with the sincere labour, of hand producing a communication, that are being lost with time. Lost Telegram Press does not seek to compete with other publishers but to develop relationships by which many can work together to better the industry as a whole.

Lost Telegram Press is where you can find thoughts and values that you only thought existed in the shadows of the local library.

Lost Telegram Press seeks to question ideological hierarchies to help provide growth through criticism and satire.

THE AUDIENCE for Lost Telegram Press are those that search for small bookstores, thrift stores that sell old copies of the classics, those that hang out at libraries and enjoy the archives, arts professionals, free thinkers, idealists that must live in a not-so-ideal reality, youth, pacifists, and so on. The market for these books in not a market that will get the authors or publisher rich but that is not at all the point. The point is to give access to material that challenges people who are looking for something more out of life. There are not many substitutes that will ever work as a replacement for the knowledge contained in literature.

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LOST TELEGRAM PRESS. Made with love across Canada.